Individual Benefits

Protecting you and your family is what Alamo Insurance Group is all about!

The professionals at Alamo Insurance Group can provide individual products for you and/or your dependents if you are not covered under an Employee Group Plan.

Individual Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Disability, Cancer and other coverages at available at very competitive prices.

Examples of some of the coverages available

  • Temporary Health Insurance is available in lieu of COBRA or while waiting for permanent health coverage.
  • Individual Health Insurance can cover you and/or your dependents.
  • Short Term Travel Insurance is available for individuals traveling for business or pleasure internationally and covers lost luggage, early return to home country, medical emergencies, etc.
  • International Major Medical is for businesses that have employees who travel world wide or who have employees who will travel to the U.S.A from another country for work.

Contact us for additional information on the various benefit coverage we can provide for you.